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You’ve taught me to approach things with out judgement and instead to apply curiosity. This has truly changed everything for me. Especially in regards to the negative voice in my head that tells me I'm not good enough etc. At the beginning of our time together I was so focused on speeding up my life, must get more done! Must achieve more fast! But now I’m beginning to realize that slowing down and having awareness is key. There is so much happening around you when you take a minute to observe and be present.


your roadmap to better health

Are you constantly striving to keep your stress levels in check, ​keep your body healthy, and find time for you?

You've tried all the life-hacks, followed the diets, meditated, drank your lemon water and yet you still don't feel like you've 'arrived' as that joyful, grateful, zen person you want to be. Yep I hear you. I've been there too. Many times over I found myself saying "I'm doing all the things why am I not seeing the results I want!" 

But do you know what wellness means for YOU? Just like we have our own DNA, we have our own unique blueprint for what health + wellness looks like. For me it includes eating clean, putting natural products in + on my body, deep connection, gentle exercise and the ski hill. For you it might be running a marathon, having an active social life, your dog and living by the beach. To each their own, as long as it gives you PLEASURE. As human beings we are driven by pleasure, yet we have vilified pleasure as indulgent or sexual in our culture today ... hmmmm. Time for a gentle rebellion, perhaps? 

Let's get real about what's not working,  and find out what does; then we can blueprint that to feel good everyday! 

Girl Behind a Sheet


Come A Little Closer

Let's get to know each other. This is deep, personal work and it requires connection. I am not for everybody, but I might be the right coach for you. If you want compassionate and fierce, soft and strong, calm and passionate then I'm your girl. 


In this 45 minute call we will chat about what you want, why you don't have it and how I can support you in achieving the life you want. This is also your time to interview me, so ask away. 


More Joy. Better Health. Better Life.

The ultimate in self-care and self-love. We will spend 90 days diving deep into what this looks like for you and how it can radically change your life. It did mine. 

With all the demands of life today it can often feel like we just can't have it all. I call bullshit. You can. You just don't know what having it all looks likes for you. One person's having it all may not be my version of 'having it all' or yours. The secret sauce is pleasure.

P.S. This doesn't just apply to women. 


Ditch the Hustle. Embrace The Flow

Do you know exactly what you want but you just can't quite seem to get it? Maybe you're subtly sabotaging your desires, or maybe it's just a few areas of your life that you need some support, knowledge and accountability in. 


Whether it's how to embrace a more holistic lifestyle, find more flow and less hustle in your work, or drop a few pounds and find your glow, I've got your back.